Ryllandra’s Realm is a place to visit for some inspiration, information, life guidance or maybe even motivation. I do almost everything a little bit differently, it’s probably because I see living and dying differently from how most of us are taught to. I see life being for the living, and the one thing I know for absolute certainty is that from the day we are born we are dying, making what we do for ourselves with that time in between really, really important.

I’m a psychic, a medium, a clairvoyant and lots more of those esoteric words that mean I see and know stuff that others don’t notice, or want to see and know about. I also believe we’re all psychic, in different ways, society has just trained most of us to deny it and push it aside. I’m also an author, an avid reader, a gardener, sewist, hand crafter, cook, and disemminator of information.

My experiences have lead me to offer practical insights and advice for daily living, some of which are available for purchase and some of which I’m sharing here for free. The number and variety of articles on this site has grown out of my desire to help others, and sometimes myself, through difficult times.

Often those who most need help are the ones who can least afford, or are the least able, for whatever reason, to reach out for that help, whether it’s guidance from a psychic or a mainstream counselor, I know this from some of my own experiences. There’s practical, down-to-earth spiritual, physical, emotional and creative guidance here for you, take your time, read a bit, put it into action, and read some more. Learn to know yourself, and to be true to yourself; they’re the most important things you can do.

Image: Rose Ryllandra

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On that note, as collaborator and editor on another project, Phaemorea, I include here a special thanks to Mr Lev Lafayette, whose complete disregard for Creative Commons, Australian Copyright Law, and Wheaton’s Law, has provided an excellent example of exactly what NOT to do when using information from a Creative Commons Licensed website.
You can find the offending article at http://rpgreview.net/content/phaemorea-classic-setting-dungeons-dragons.
If you do not understand how Mr Lev Lafayette has erred, there is a detailed breakdown here.