2013 Energetic Influences

What’s your New Year resolution going to be this year? Will it be the same as every year or would you like to make a real difference this year? As a Life Path Specialist it’s my privilege to provide guidance to those who want to make some changes but don’t really know how to go about it. Because a new year is one of the most effective times to begin to action those myriad things we so often tell ourselves we’re going to do “one day”, I want to share some helpful ideas. “One day” seldom comes, or if it does it’s usually as a result of something we’d rather hadn’t happened, something heart wrenching that spurred us into getting off our butts and really doing something. Before making any resolutions for this year, take a little time to contemplate the areas of your life where you’d actually like something different to be happening; don’t immediately go for those things you always include in that list if you don’t really mean it. The little things are a good place to start, and you might find you don’t want to share those goals with anyone, especially if you work better at achieving in private. Try to recall those vows you made to yourself throughout the past year to finally do something about whatever difficulty or issue that bothered you, write them down and choose a few to tackle this year.

2013 will be an excellent time to carry through on those promises you made to yourself to do something about your life, from reading a particular book to that new job or course of education, to changing something for the better in your relationships. The energetic flows for this year will be kind to those who are in tune with the more deep and meaningful aspects of themselves and of living. However, simply making changes for the sake of it won’t be good enough, knee jerk actions won’t necessarily get you the outcomes you’re wishing for. What will get you better results is taking the time to actually assess where things are at and where you’d rather they were. The differences between the two provide insights into what changes you can choose to work on to reach that point of difference. There will be truly significant opportunities available for those who are prepared for the long term aspects of surviving, whether in business or in personal relationships. Short term opportunities will also be there for the taking, with superficial types of actions by businesses being seen as less favourable as increasingly larger sections of the community speak out against manipulative marketing, scams and deceptive information.

The pace of life will seem to speed up and as everything appears to happen faster, there’s likely to be less patience and more frustration as it becomes obvious to individuals that they aren’t happy with their lot and feel they don’t have any way to change it. Avoid getting caught up in these types of emotional memes by deliberately remaining aloof from the emotionally evokative aspects of situations that are not related to you. It’s not about being uncaring, it’s about not adding your own emotional fuel to the fire and creating even more frustration; remember, emotions can be contagious especially if you’re overly empathic.

Technology, attitude and natural disasters will alter how we do things even more than it does now. Without great care on the part of our world leaders and those who influence them, globally offensive actions that cannot be reversed are likely to occur.

Monthly Influences

A time of remembrance and redesigning your place in the world, plan how to reforge yourself into a new and more effective person deliberately rising from the ashes of your experiences. Business and political arenas would do well to do the same.

Assess and cull the ineffective in your life, attitudes, actions, thoughts, behaviours and beliefs. Sort the physical in similar fashion, culling useless household trappings, declutter so new opportunities can enter your life. Big business and politics will try to retain the status quo even though it’s obvious changes need to be made.

Maintain good effective security in all areas; technological privacy issues will be severely challenged and those who have no qualms about taking advantage of poor security will do so.

Being disciplined in continuing with developing changes decided upon in the previous months will bring quality rewards in the next few months.

Time for a little rest and recuperation while still encouraging creativity and learning new and productive activities. Being self sufficient in a life skill is the new black.

There’s a relaxing energy around, take advantage of the reduction in stress. Keep savings close to hand, don’t overspend.

A multitude of opportunities present themselves, including education and business expansion. Use them to take you that step closer to your new life goals. Be wise with your choices, don’t overextend.

Start keeping accurate and detailed records for the financial year, some will need them later in 2014 after some government systems go awry. Changes in policies and payments will cause deeply felt frustrations for various sections of the community.

Technicalities with government policy will cause confusion. Local government environmental and sanitation service issues become hot topics.

Getting involved in others’ troubles will lead to legalities, find your niche and stay within it. Don’t jump on any bandwagons, stay out of the spotlight and you’ll survive the negative hype that abounds this month.

Small, seeming unrelated opportunities to increase finances will pop up, take those that work for you, avoid those that don’t. Overstepping any legal threshold should be avoided for good outcomes.

Troublesome events will seem to be everywhere, choose your battles wisely. Calm, thoughtful actions will be remembered, help where you can, avoid discord.