2014 Energetic Influences

2014 is the perfect year to take charge of your own life, to take back your personal empowerment and to do things differently to gain a sense of self and pride in that self. Now is the time to do what you’ve always felt you should have been able to do. I know how that sounds. We are moulded by all that has gone before, and the only way to move out of that is to learn more, to experience differently. Most importantly, you must allow yourself to think, to perceive, to experience even the small things in a different way. Using the Unknown, combined with determination and what we already know to be right and true for ourselves, we can build new and good quality foundations, or, build on the foundations that are already present and working. By making informed decisions we can choose to rise above all things of a victim nature. That means not taking on as though it were your own, the pain or emotional unease of situations that are not related to your personal experiences. It doesn’t necessarily mean you become hard hearted, it does mean that you get to focus on your own here and now instead of succumbing to the media barrage of negative happenings in the global world we now live in. Many of those things are distractions keeping you from being the person you’d rather be. Learn to filter those distractions out so you are less influenced by them.

These days we’re bombarded with fear based distraction and when fear is allowed to govern behaviour and emotion, victim status creeps in. We feel less able to be assertive and react aggressively instead of responding more demurely, and probably more appropriately. We bemoan the way the world is, the way people behave and bash and rape, steal and torture, but unless we stop letting those fears control us, we are likely to react in very similar ways instead of choosing to use some preventative measures to control some aspects or our own involvements.

When we are fearful, bad decisions will be made more often than good decisions. Behaviours based in reactions coming from fear will pretty much surround us as the economy slips into manufactured downturns and the government of the current day use fear to find a common enemy to keep the people occupied while they push through parliamentary changes that the rest of us will know nothing about until they’re over and done with.

We are going backwards, not forwards, but then, really, when you get right down to it, nothing changes that much. The more it changes, the more it stays the same.

This is why it’s becoming more and more important to know yourself, your inner self, and to truly question what you don’t want in your life. We are raised to believe we must do things a certain way, believe certain things, a whole myriad of systematic checks and balances where we are told that unless we live this way, we will not belong. And to not belong is made out to be a very bad thing indeed. Question how valid these things are for you and for your life in the here and now. Then act on the answers you get from your inner self.

There are many people who feel out of step with those around them, their families, their workmates, the world itself because they see things differently and choose to not forsake themselves as the trade-off for belonging. In spite of what we’ve been led to believe, it’s not necessary for us to always ‘belong’. Belonging is a manufactured need, a desire conjured by those who would have us do their bidding, in every form possible. If those people really, truly, honestly and actually loved us, the person we are instead of what we can do for them, they would support us in our dreams and goals, our hopes and wishes, even when, nay especially when, those hopes and dream, goals and ambitions were in opposition to their own!

Love has many forms and the most important for us as human beings looking for spiritual experience is to love ourselves first. For us to love ourselves first though, we have to learn to think and reason more effectively than most of us currently do. Question everything, for it is only in questioning that we can find out who we really are, find out what we are really supporting.

What I’m trying to say is that there are things you can do to help yourself no matter what your position in life is and no matter how hard it seems to be right now. I do not believe in an all seeing all powerful deity of any kind that will suddenly, like a knight in shining armour, come along to lift any one of us out of the mire and raise us up to some fluffy white cloud of wonder and joy. Not going to happen, it’s just not.

Work out what you don’t want in your life anymore and get rid of it as swiftly as you can. Work out what you might want and start finding ways to work towards making it happen, forget the words like manifesting it – just get off your butt and do something about it, take a course, read that book, start the conversation – whatever it is, make a decision, set a goal and work out each step toward gaining it as an outcome. Oh, while you’re on that particular journey, do bear in mind that you might get to a certain point and go, “Oooh, this isn’t what I thought it was going to be, I don’t actually want this as my end goal. What do I do now?”

What you do is return to the original question, what don’t you want, and take it from there again. Nothing is wasted, it’s all useful in the end result. We are a product of our experiences, we learn and change and change and learn. The important thing is what we do with what we experience, not what others think of us. It’s taken a lifetime for me to really understand that.

I became a new person, with a new name. I learned to release the old, to move on, to let go some more and to build my own expectations of, and for myself. … and now, here I am, stepping into 2014 with a new set of goals to focus on and a new year to write about.

May your 2014 be the start, or the continuation, of your new life also. There’s plenty of good and just as much bad to be had, but if we’re mindful about what we do and use what works for us as individuals then work toward our own bigger scenarios, we’ll all get to exactly where we need, and want, to be.

Monthly Energetic Influences

A sense of determination combines with the feeling of strength and even hope. However, we must do in order for anything to move forward. Now is the time for movement, for progression, one tiny step at a time until momentum builds.

Keep your sense of resolve, stay strong and keep finishing with those things that you’ve left on the back burner. Tidy the wardrobe, old papers, your mind, keep the momentum rolling in any small way you can.

With the clean out mostly done, you can now start some new things. Stay within the bounds of what you can reasonably do. Question a belief of your own, work out why and what it means to you.

Brilliant time for working on the spiritual self. Try a practical relaxing meditation, nothing airy fairy, stay grounded and focus on your physical well-being at the same time.

Focus mentally and emotionally on those things that energise you and keep you uplifted. Avoid people, places, media and anything else that reduces your sense of self and the brightness you’ve been feeling.