2010 Energetic Influences

2010 comes accompanied by very strong elements for change, how that influence will be used, that is, whether for good or for ill, will be up to each individual, government or business. It will be a time for overturning many old patterns of belief and behaviour. My hope is that with those changes will come a greater tolerance for difference, instead of it developing into conflict. 2010 will be an excellent time to sort out financial stumbling blocks and build new beginnings by using creative solutions. There’ll be a lot of endings along with those new beginnings, enabling some lives to be turned around in positive directions where negative outcomes seemed to be the only option. Likewise, without forethought, negative outcomes can result when tempers and intolerance flare. Those who have previously sought to be ‘middle of the road’ in thought, word and deed will be challenged to put more effort into decision making or lose out.

The unknown will continue to have an influence until 2012, when things will settle down somewhat, depending of course on how the changes wrought within that time are handled. We are getting closer and closer to the ‘unchartered waters’ of time and the fears associated with the hype of ‘doom and gloom’ stories related to the ending of the Mayan calendar should not be allowed to take over. All that is happening is that everything is moving forward in the cycle of life, there is nothing unusual about that at all. 2010 will not be a time for sticking heads in the sand to avoid what you don’t want to see or hear; it’s a time for seeing multiple potential outcomes and solutions; it’s a time to suspend judgement and intolerance and join together in common goals.

Major Monthly Energetic Influences

List everything you plan to achieve in 2010, work on it, develop it, update it as your situation changes. Add to those things that worked in 2009, discard those things that didn’t. Make realistic plans; it’s time to apply your knowledge instead of living in hope that things will change without your effort.

Be mindful of those trying to scam whatever they can, however they can. It’s a good time to add to your knowledge base by studying something close to your heart. Learn how to trust your insights and research options before committing to financial outlays. Slow and steady rather than speedy and spontaneous will win the race.

Persevere with the hard decisions, don’t let lack of progress cause you to lose heart, when difficulties arise, look for solutions from a different angle. Start organising now for plans in June, July and August. Make time for your relationships, keep in touch with those you care about. Reassess where your life is going, make changes if it’s not, enjoy it if it is.

This is an excellent time to give up any habits that are harming your forward progress. Also a good time to research a new job or a new house, don’t make the move yet, just do the research. Allow for your hopes and dreams to be answered in some interesting and unusual ways, don’t discard propositions out of hand, think about what you have been asking the Universe for before saying “Yes” or “No”.

Moving forward from old habits gives a new and welcome sense of freedom and purpose to life, there’s a greater joy in the little things. Keep an eye on finances and apply good management strategies to keep the pressure off, stay within your means and all will be well.

Changes at a government level reduces financial pressures felt by most of society. This is a time to alter the way you perceive the world around you and how you fit into it. The only thing that remains a constant in life is change, move with it rather than fight it if you want to reach your hopes and dreams. Begin a new creative project just for the joy of it!

A new financial year can be very similar to a new calendar year, use the energies of this month to re-create your life focus regardless of your current path. This is the perfect time to reassess and update your realistic January goals, allowing yourself to let go of anything that is holding you back from reaching them. Formulating a new budget now would be a good idea.

Use August to nurture and develop your spiritual side. Recognise the many and varied potentials for spiritual expression without getting caught up in dogma, wishful or magical thinking. Develop your own reasoning processes, avoid wasting time on ‘fluffy bunny’ thinking and activities.

Springtime brings a strengthening of purpose along with fresh energy to devote to personal goals. An excellent time to take a course to increase your knowledge base. Put procedures in place to help balance work life and personal commitments.

There’ll be more change, more things to choose from and more opportunities of all sorts, the trick will be to know which ones will be useful and which ones will be distractions. Step out of your usual comfort zone and experience possibilities while still being mindful of your limitations. Take the opportunities that will realistically bring you the life you say you want, don’t get caught in get rich quick schemes.

Choosing wisely now will lead to greater future possibilities; thinking ahead now will be key to obtaining your life goals for 2011. It’s a good time to take those forward steps you’ve been putting off; the life altering changes like moving town, job, or relationship.

Emotions are likely to run high, there’ll be a lot of wonder and fear seeping into hearts and lives because of the predictions related to 2012, however, it’s not necessary. Change is everywhere, every day; learn to live with it rather than fight it. Create your own oasis of peace and calm whether physical or metaphorical, or both, without attempting to force your beliefs onto anyone else.