When the Otherside Speaks.

When the Otherside speaks, listen carefully. There are nuances in the messages that will tell you if they are being delivered accurately, or if they have been altered by the messenger. Unfortunately, there’s been a trend for some time within so called spiritual communities to want to hear only those messages that are delivered with “love and light”. Coupled with this trend is an active, often hostile rejection of any messages that don’t conform to their narrow minded expectations of how spirit would choose to talk to them. Anything other than gently imparted praise for overcoming their problems is not accepted. In reality, negative intrusions are a part of a well balanced life, they provide us with incentives to be creative, to find workarounds, ways to overcome and to develop.

The protective cocoon of denial, combined with the need to belong, frequently prevents one from advancing their self development. Negative aspects are banned from being mentioned because it’s thought speaking about bad things will make them happen. Being prepared for a potentially negative outcome doesn’t mean you’ll make it happen; being prepared means you have given yourself an opportunity to turn a potentially unfavourable situation into a positive one. If you don’t consider options, you’re likely to miss positive potentials, not to mention disadvantaging yourself by being dismally unprepared for the unexpected when, with a little forethought, you could have gained an advantage.

The dead are often telling me about how they would have done so much better with their lives if they’d realised the importance of dealing more effectively with their problems while they were alive, instead of ignoring or denying they existed. Husbands who really wanted to do better by their wives; wives who couldn’t communicate their fears to their husbands; mothers, fathers and children who all wished they had better understood the role of negative influences. From the Otherside, they speak with longing of making things better for those who come after them, to get us to understand there is a balance to all things. Many tell me how difficult it is to get their messages delivered unaltered. It seems all too many psychics or readers choose to change the unpleasant information into something considered more palatable and pleasing. Their sadness when they tell me how their words have been twisted, altered, changed into something unrecognisable to them, is palpable.

I recall quite clearly, an incident a few years ago where a high profile spiritualist leader chastised me for a channelled, or mediumship, reading done as part of the service. To be clear, I had been invited to attend as a guest speaker, the readings were part of my expected participation in the service. This person behaved in an embarrassing, unbecoming manner mostly because of the fear they held regarding the skill of channelling, and probably because the message challenged them and their belief structure. Many people who heard the message greeted me afterward, thanking me because they felt the words were directed personally to them and had provided them with wonderful insights into their own lives as well as how to move more fully into living their souls’ purpose.

That Spiritualist minister however, in front of much of the congregation, said, “That sort of thing won’t be tolerated in my church, it doesn’t come from God.” I was shocked by the limited view this person had considering the position they held. I began to understand the difficulty the dead have in contacting the living; how easily spirit communication can be dismissed through ignorance and fear. If a Spiritualist minister, whose role it is to communicate with the unseen, can so summarily dismiss messages from the otherside, imagine how difficult it must be to get the less experienced to listen!

Some years later, a high profile medium phoned me unexpectedly, asking me to be in the audience at her presentation. It was short notice and unexpected to say the least, but my advisors suggested I attend and observe. It did not go well in many ways that space does not allow me to tell here. Many of the spirits came to me wanting me to pass their messages on to others in the room, however, I did not as it was not my place. I explained to them the woman up the front was the one delivering messages and it would be rude and wrong of me to take over her role in this situation. From then on, the spirits in the room clearly showed me the proceedings as they gave their messages to her, and I then heard the changes she made in delivering the message to the recipient. It was heartbreaking for me to watch. An aged woman denied the message as coming from her loved one as he would never have spoken in that way, and she was correct. He was there trying to deliver particular words that would have proven his presence to his still living wife, but the medium would not do so. One mother and daughter were waiting on information from a male relative, who was present in spirit, and they were passed over multiple times because it was obvious no tears would be coaxed from them, to make the presenter look good. Later, when it was more appropriate, I did quietly and unobtrusively pass on various messages, all of which were very gratefully received.

During the presentation, the only messages granted were delivered either in such a way as to bring tears to the recipient instead of joy and closure, or given to those who were already tearful. It was the drama that this person was feeding on. I was saddened and angered by the deceit I saw during this experience. It’s not how it ought to be.

Those on the Otherside are in the position of being able to tell us of their experiences, both there and here, and, how the truths they have learned here differ from the truths they experience once they have the capability to see the “Big Picture” from “over there”. A spirit I know as Sister Mary Elizabeth has told me a great deal about her life, how she was once a devoted Catholic sister who lived strictly by the churchs’ rules, expecting, as she had been taught, to be rewarded through her devotion on her death. The depth of her anger at the lies she’d been told, particularly at the practice of private self flagellation, but also at the denial of the self in the physical life, defies description. Her messages were not full of love and light. She was angry at all their wasted living because of the lies they’d all been told. She set herself a task of communicating with one living person to tell her story. The ebook is available here, or here, along with short stories from others who have spoken from their graves.

Many of those in spirit work very hard at getting their still living families, friends and even just random contacts, to hear and understand the message that this life is meant to be lived, not wasted!

(c) 2014 Ryllandra Rose