Life Skills

Times have changed from when ‘common sense’ was, in fact, commonly known, understood and used as a matter of course. No longer are the skills so long taken for granted passed on, there’s the thought that there’s no time to bother with such things, yet many crave the independence and self reliance such knowledge can provide. Simply knowing how to look up a dictionary; how to research online; clean clothing, a room or curtains properly; cook simple meals; sew a garment or mend a loved piece of clothing; grow herbs or veges to supplement an income; along with so many more seemingly ordinary things, can bring great enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment.

A Place to Start

In the beginning times of our lives, we are trained to become like everyone else around us. Of course, we don’t know it as we are going through it, and by the time we do realise it we have already been trained in countless, untraceable ways of being that would take another lifetime to discover. It was through my own personal experiences that I came to understand the many and varied intricacies of the affects others, and the type of society we live in, have on us and how we tailor our own lives. I won’t go into it all here because I can go on for hours, days probably, explaining the ways in which our lives are not our own until we make them our own. If you’re at a point in your life where you can see something isn’t right, but have no idea what to do to sort it out, this is a starting place….
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Becoming … uncovering the real you (UTS)

Image comforting liesBeing an active participant in one’s own life can be difficult and often not as straightforward as it might at first appear. As I’ve grown older, and perhaps a bit wiser in the way that exposure to events and philosophical debate can cause one to be, I’ve come to realise there are myriad convolutions to this thing we call life. I’ll be writing a series of articles exposing some of the issues I’ve discovered, using various bits of my own life experiences to illustrate how the way of these things have affected or influenced me, or at least the ways I’ve so far uncovered. The basic fact is this: You cannot be true to yourself if you’re still living by someone else’s rules….
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Books are your Friends: section 1

Image: clock with booksI’ve mentioned many times that various books have helped me through difficult times in my life. I’ve suggested book titles to countless clients, usually writing the title on the back of their information sheet so I know they have it for later reference. Books can be a place to get a variety of ideas from, you might garner just one simple truth, or you may find many eye opening facts and examples. Some books remain friends for life, others simply pass through on a journey of their own as you work your way from one destination to another. …
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Moulded by Deception

Isn’t it peculiar, interesting, educational and even uplifting, the way distance provides such differing perspectives for us. With the passing of time, and the greater knowledge and understanding it brings, I can see the experiences I’ve had throughout my life with a clarity I could not while immersed in those trying and traumatic situations. The past few years have wrought great changes for me, most of them positive, but the road to this place was not easy to travel. …
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When the Otherside Speaks.

When the Otherside speaks, listen carefully. There are nuances in the messages that will tell you if they are being delivered accurately, or if they have been altered by the messenger. Unfortunately, there’s been a trend for some time within so called spiritual communities to want to hear only those messages that are delivered with “love and light”. Coupled with this trend is an active, often hostile rejection of any messages that don’t conform to their narrow minded expectations of how spirit would choose to talk to them. Anything other than gently imparted praise for overcoming their problems is not accepted. In reality, negative intrusions are a part of a well balanced life, they provide us with incentives to be creative, to find workarounds, ways to overcome and to develop. …
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The Romance of Herbs

Image: Potted herbs suitable for a rental garden.Herbs make life just that bit more pleasant. They will seduce you into wanting more and more in your own garden. Use them in beverages, cooking or to add a little bit of fragrant panache around the home. Even in a rental home, you can still have your own herb garden in pots. They’re quite easy to grow, needing little dedicated attention for a truly delightful return. Depending on what your goal is, you don’t need a huge amount of harvest-able foliage for a valuable end result. Just make sure the growing herbs, whether potted or in-ground, are easily accessible to the cook! It’s often too much trouble to go all the way down to the back fence for a few fresh herbs, so put your edibles where they can thrive and be quickly and easily accessed; that way they’ll be used!…
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