Nurturing the Creative Self

There are so many ways to nurture the creative sides of ourselves, unfortunately it’s an aspect we all too often forget about. If we are to live as fully and completely as we aspire to, we have to put some effort in and try new things. Here’s some of the things I do to nurture my own creative self, I hope they inspire you to greater heights as well.

The Romance of Herbs

Image: Potted herbs suitable for a rental garden.Herbs make life just that bit more pleasant. They will seduce you into wanting more and more in your own garden. Use them in beverages, cooking or to add a little bit of fragrant panache around the home. Even in a rental home, you can still have your own herb garden in pots. They’re quite easy to grow, needing little dedicated attention for a truly delightful return. Depending on what your goal is, you don’t need a huge amount of harvest-able foliage for a valuable end result. Just make sure the growing herbs, whether potted or in-ground, are easily accessible to the cook! It’s often too much trouble to go all the way down to the back fence for a few fresh herbs, so put your edibles where they can thrive and be quickly and easily accessed; that way they’ll be used!…
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Wellbeing, Creativity and Crafting

Image: Ryllandra's Tunisian BlanketI’m quite big on being creative, on having creative pursuits in ones’ life. It’s a truly important aspect that all too often gets left behind in the hurried stress of so many time poor lives. I decided to revolt and instead of being time poor, I choose to make time for the things that give me pleasure and in the process, also keep me relatively sane. While my creative pursuits are legion, there’s always something new to learn, something new to create. The process of developing time for yourself can take some effort, but the rewards really do pay off. Start with something smallish, don’t go overboard with a project you know you’re not going to finish, that’s just silly….
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Aromamagic – Safe Place Oil

This is a delightful blend that helps reduce the tension brought on by that sense of unease, of something being ‘not quite right in the world’ so many of us feel but perhaps cannot identify.  Word of warning: avoid using while driving or operating machinery/ devices that require total attention. It’s very useful to use before sleep, perhaps as you’re reading before bed, or during whatever your nightly pre-sleeptime ritual might be. As always, use the purest essentials you can afford as they will provide the best results. …
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Aromamagic – Study Oil

Aromamagic is what I call the combination of the more modern science of aromatherapy with the ancient practice of Herbal Magic. These blends can be used in an oil vaporiser or used with a carrier oil as a body perfume. The quality of the essential oils affect the outcome, so always use the purest form affordable. …
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