Life Skills

Times have changed from when ‘common sense’ was, in fact, commonly known, understood and used as a matter of course. No longer are the skills so long taken for granted passed on, there’s the thought that there’s no time to bother with such things, yet many crave the independence and self reliance such knowledge can provide. Simply knowing how to look up a dictionary; how to research online; clean clothing, a room or curtains properly; cook simple meals; sew a garment or mend a loved piece of clothing; grow herbs or veges to supplement an income; along with so many more seemingly ordinary things, can bring great enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment.

Why Living in the Now is a Crock.

The concept of living in the now often causes me to think and rethink how I react and respond to the good, bad and ordinary things that occur to me in my own life. I’ve never managed to get what I’d call a proper understanding of the idea that one should constantly live in the moment. Perhaps it’s just the way I think and reason that stops me from doing so, and if that’s the case, then I’m glad for it. I can live in some moments, that is, enjoy them for what they are at that time. I can even live in the moments of exceptional badness, for a time. The thing is not to be absorbed into any moment overwhelmingly, and certainly not to the exclusion of remaining situationally aware. To develop a healthy, balanced life, one must be aware of, but not live totally in, the past, the present, or the future: I cannot see any other possible way to create a decent life….
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Wellbeing, Creativity and Crafting

Image: Ryllandra's Tunisian BlanketI’m quite big on being creative, on having creative pursuits in ones’ life. It’s a truly important aspect that all too often gets left behind in the hurried stress of so many time poor lives. I decided to revolt and instead of being time poor, I choose to make time for the things that give me pleasure and in the process, also keep me relatively sane. While my creative pursuits are legion, there’s always something new to learn, something new to create. The process of developing time for yourself can take some effort, but the rewards really do pay off. Start with something smallish, don’t go overboard with a project you know you’re not going to finish, that’s just silly….
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Ending the Manipulations

I’ve been thinking about various things recently, well really I think about things all the time, but I don’t always share my views publicly. A wide spectrum of situations encompassing the use of social media, the seemingly increasing numbers of people choosing to self harm, wide spread outrage at trolling behaviours, and varying types of addiction has prompted these thoughts. News mongers tout the negative because somehow it sells. The negative, the awful and horrible, seems to have a fascination for the reader, drawing most people into the deep dark depths of baseness and horror until it seems as if it’s normal. Day after day. Night after night. I’ve come to realise quite a number of things with all this thinking and I’ve decided to share some of them with you. …
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Romance and the Need to Belong

Everywhere you look there’s advertising telling you what to buy, wear, read, watch, eat and do to be loved, wanted and cherished by others. It’s designed to make you believe something that simply doesn’t exist. It keeps you chasing that elusive feeling of belonging. Mostly, it’s designed to separate you from your money. Money you could use for something that would actually bring you greater happiness than what the emotionally evocative advertising tells you you need. We’re inundated with the commercialisation of relationships and the need to have a romantic partner. I asked my Spirit Advisors to provide some information about what is in our best interests as human beings and how we, as humans, can best cope with the excessive demands our society places on the individual to be part of a couple. Here’s what they had to say….
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Aromamagic – Safe Place Oil

This is a delightful blend that helps reduce the tension brought on by that sense of unease, of something being ‘not quite right in the world’ so many of us feel but perhaps cannot identify.  Word of warning: avoid using while driving or operating machinery/ devices that require total attention. It’s very useful to use before sleep, perhaps as you’re reading before bed, or during whatever your nightly pre-sleeptime ritual might be. As always, use the purest essentials you can afford as they will provide the best results. …
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Releasing the Past

We often read, or are told, to “let go of the past”, or to “release old baggage”, to “get over it”, or “put it behind you” to move on with life. While there truly is significant advantage in releasing the past, you have to not only know how to do it, you actually have to do it for it to be effective. There are some very simple things we can do to help us let go of negative thinking, negative memories and the emotional patterning that goes with those negative experiences….
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