Uncomfortable Truths Series

Once we know better, we can do better. We discover how to better ourselves by asking questions of ourselves, by asking questions that make us uncomfortable. The stronger among us will work at and worry away at those uncomfortable questions until we find some possible answers. This series uncovers some of the ways we are moulded by deceptions, herded by societal expectations, manipulated by marketing and lied to by those who place their own agenda above the welfare of others. I hope to shine a light on some areas that might help you in your own journey to a better way of being by highlighting parts of my own journey and the pitfalls I have discovered so far. The most uncomfortable parts of my life have been the most catalyzing – there’s nothing quite like discomfort to eventually make you decide to take a stand.

Becoming … uncovering the real you (UTS)

Image comforting liesBeing an active participant in one’s own life can be difficult and often not as straightforward as it might at first appear. As I’ve grown older, and perhaps a bit wiser in the way that exposure to events and philosophical debate can cause one to be, I’ve come to realise there are myriad convolutions to this thing we call life. I’ll be writing a series of articles exposing some of the issues I’ve discovered, using various bits of my own life experiences to illustrate how the way of these things have affected or influenced me, or at least the ways I’ve so far uncovered. The basic fact is this: You cannot be true to yourself if you’re still living by someone else’s rules….
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