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Stories and experiences from my life as a psychic, along with some lessons and information for those wanting to explore their own extra-sensory perceptions.
Read about some of my experiences, with both the living and the dead, in the Voices and Visions Collection. Thanks to much poking and prodding from spirit advisors and friends, the question and answer series “Psychic Insights On Matters of … ” is also available.
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I may include recommended works by other authors here too, as the mood takes me.

Psychic Insights On Matters Of … eBook Series

cover imageThe Psychic Insights series has been republished into a series of five separate ebooks for easy reading.
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Psychic Insights On Matters of Relationships
Psychic Insights On Matters of Health
Psychic Insights On Matters of Success
Psychic Insights On Matters of Self Development
Psychic Insights On Matters of Spirituality
or through Amazon.
Well known Australian psychic and medium, Ryllandra Rose, gives practical, down to earth answers to the tens of thousands of questions she’s been asked….
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The Journey Home

The Journey Home cover imageThe Journey Home
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This is a story of family jealousies and secrets and how they affect outcomes for everyone involved, but especially for Patricia and her relationship with her father. Children are not always innocent and those who are not can impact the lives of those who are in untold and unending ways. Patricia finds her own answers, her own sense of self when she stops running from her fears and hatreds.


Shadow Astrology by Kieran Brannan

cover image Shadow Astrology bookShadow Astrology – An Astrological look at the Dark Side of our personality

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A dear friend and colleague in the spiritual community has made his book Shadow Astrology available to my readers at a special price. I recommend this work to anyone who is moving forward in their lives, if you want to make some changes happen and wonder why things just keep going awry, this little book might have the answer for you. I am honoured to have been asked to be the to first read this work and even more so to have been asked to edit it and write an introduction to the finished book.

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