Psychic Development

This is where I’ll be chatting about things of a psychic or spiritual nature. Because I believe we must live our own lives in our own ways, I’ll include information about why it’s important to balance physical life with spiritual life. I’ll hopefully dispel some myths about psychic senses and bring some practicality to the understanding of what being psychic can mean. I’m deeply committed to showing how one can safely use their own psychic senses in a practical manner in everyday life.

An Introduction to Psychic Awareness

Image Introduction to Psychic Awareness by Ryllandra RoseAn Introduction to Psychic Awareness: A Basic Primer for beginners.

Psychic senses, everybody has them, but not everyone knows how to use them. How can you discover your own psychic senses and learn to develop them? This practical, very down to earth little book gives the very basics of the beginning of psychic ability. For those wondering how to start using their own psychic senses, this is the perfect place to start.

To make it easier for readers to have at hand, and for those not familiar with the Realm, I’ve compiled all the Psychic Development articles from Ryllandra’s Realm, along with one complete short story excerpt from my book Voices & Visions: A Psychic’s Recollections into this little basic primer for beginners.



“If Only I’d Known” – a month by month account

 How it came to pass …

I’ve used my abilities and skills in divination ever since I can recall, however, using these numerological divinations came later in life to me. I’ve never been good with the expected mathematical abilities used in school or university,yet I am good with divining a different meaning hidden within numbers. It is a most interesting and complex paradox. Although having the journey begun earlier I continued my adventure in numerical divination, fine tuning meanings and associations into a workable and teachable format during 1999.
This year, 2016, I created the numerological calendar to help me get myself onto the right path to go forward more fully and efficiently into the new life I’ve been creating for myself in recent years. I felt like I needed something of a guide so I wouldn’t continue to flounder in the repetition of same old, same old and the accompanying cynicism of knowing too much about the ways of the world and it’s manipulators. …
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Voices & Visions: The Life & Death of Mary Elizabeth

image for Life & Death of Mary ElizabethVoices & Visions The Life & Death of Mary Elizabeth

Purchase here or here. Every soul reacts differently when they pass from life into death. Sister Mary Elizabeth lived a very devout life, and as a result she had very strong expectations of what her death and afterlife would be like. When things were not as she thought they should be, she was left feeling very, very angry. That’s how she came to me, in a rage at the lies she had lived in life. This story is about a real life encounter I had with this restless soul. This story is essentially about how our experiences in life can leave us with preconceptions that carry well beyond death. Many things about this encounter affected me, but mostly it was the depth of her betrayal at having spent her life moulded to the beliefs of others and the shame she felt at not realising how she had allowed her life to pass in a daze of deception and lies not of her own making. Her final acceptance of a new way to be, a different existence that would allow her to use her own mind and experiences to live for herself was a joy to watch unfold.

Free 2016 Computer Wallpaper “If Only I’d Known …”

image jan calendarI’m sharing one of my latest projects with you, a 2016 calendar with reminders of things that initially I wish I’d known when I was younger, but that I also need to remind myself of as I go about my daily activities. It needed to be uplifting while still being challenging enough for me to be able to believe what I’m reading. I wanted something that would tell it like it is, without useless, empty platitudes. …
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Voices & Visions A Psychic’s Recollections

Cover image

Voices & Visions A Psychic’s Recollections
Purchase here or here. These four short stories are based on actual events from my life as a Psychic Consultant. One of the most common questions I’m asked about being a psychic is, “What’s it like?” There’s no easy answer to that question, so this collection of stories should offer a glimpse into the types of everyday otherworldliness that surrounds a psychic consultant in their everyday life.
The Rose Gold Pendant comes directly from a consultation and shows how strongly the powerful emotions wrought by war can carry across time. Ghosts of Natives Past tells of a small part of my childhood in rural Australia, where I first began to discover that not everyone saw the world the way I did. Tricycle warns of how the little intuitions can make life changing results. Finally, Messages Undelivered speaks about the delicate connection that occurs between psychic and client.

When the Otherside Speaks.

When the Otherside speaks, listen carefully. There are nuances in the messages that will tell you if they are being delivered accurately, or if they have been altered by the messenger. Unfortunately, there’s been a trend for some time within so called spiritual communities to want to hear only those messages that are delivered with “love and light”. Coupled with this trend is an active, often hostile rejection of any messages that don’t conform to their narrow minded expectations of how spirit would choose to talk to them. Anything other than gently imparted praise for overcoming their problems is not accepted. In reality, negative intrusions are a part of a well balanced life, they provide us with incentives to be creative, to find workarounds, ways to overcome and to develop. …
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