Energetic Influences

Every year, every month and every day has their own energetic influences that we can use to better ourselves and our lives by knowing about it and using it to our advantage. Of course, we can perhaps even more easily, go through life without even knowing there was a way to make such a difference in our own, or someone else’s, life.

I admit, while I did not always know about, nor understand how easily we are molded by the whims and wishes of others and our need to fit in and be approved, I have learned it through experience and questioning  myself and others.  Because I understand more about how easy it is to be aware, I now choose the paths where I can have more informed input in my own life.

 Life is complicated and simple at the same time. Alot depends on our experiences and how we have been taught to see ourselves and our place in the world around us. Some days we’ll care more than other days, some days we’ll feel more involved in our own lives, and some days we will just do things by rote.  Some days everything will be just too hard to care, and those are the days we must be prepared for.

An explanation of the basics of my system of Energetic Influence:
Whereas Chaldean Numerology uses the numbers 1 through to 8, and Pythagorean Numerology uses the numbers 1 through to 9, my system, the Ryllian system, uses the numbers 0 through to 9.  The end result of a Life Path Profile completed using my system and process will incorporate the energetic vibrational meaning of each of those numbers, as well as every potential permutation that can be made from adding those numbers together. It’s a very integrated system and reveals layers of information about people, places, dates, and even the best telephone number for a business to have!
Enjoy your time here, have fun and see how much of a difference you can make in your own life by simply being aware of the possibilities.

“If Only I’d Known” – a month by month account

 How it came to pass …

I’ve used my abilities and skills in divination ever since I can recall, however, using these numerological divinations came later in life to me. I’ve never been good with the expected mathematical abilities used in school or university,yet I am good with divining a different meaning hidden within numbers. It is a most interesting and complex paradox. Although having the journey begun earlier I continued my adventure in numerical divination, fine tuning meanings and associations into a workable and teachable format during 1999.
This year, 2016, I created the numerological calendar to help me get myself onto the right path to go forward more fully and efficiently into the new life I’ve been creating for myself in recent years. I felt like I needed something of a guide so I wouldn’t continue to flounder in the repetition of same old, same old and the accompanying cynicism of knowing too much about the ways of the world and it’s manipulators. …
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Free 2016 Computer Wallpaper “If Only I’d Known …”

image jan calendarI’m sharing one of my latest projects with you, a 2016 calendar with reminders of things that initially I wish I’d known when I was younger, but that I also need to remind myself of as I go about my daily activities. It needed to be uplifting while still being challenging enough for me to be able to believe what I’m reading. I wanted something that would tell it like it is, without useless, empty platitudes. …
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2014 Energetic Influences

2014 is the perfect year to take charge of your own life, to take back your personal empowerment and to do things differently to gain a sense of self and pride in that self. Now is the time to do what you’ve always felt you should have been able to do. I know how that sounds. We are moulded by all that has gone before, and the only way to move out of that is to learn more, to experience differently. Most importantly, you must allow yourself to think, to perceive, to experience even the small things in a different way. …
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2013 Energetic Influences

What’s your New Year resolution going to be this year? Will it be the same as every year or would you like to make a real difference this year? As a Life Path Specialist it’s my privilege to provide guidance to those who want to make some changes but don’t really know how to go about it. …
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2011 Energetic Influences

2011 continues to shine a light into the hidden areas of society, bringing topics previously considered private and knowable only by lesser beings, into the public forum. Those who benefit from the status quo will fight tooth and nail to keep hold of what they consider their rights and, in the case of religious ideologies, even their duties, without having any concern for the consequences such actions might bring to unintended victims. …
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2010 Energetic Influences

2010 comes accompanied by very strong elements for change, how that influence will be used, that is, whether for good or for ill, will be up to each individual, government or business. It will be a time for overturning many old patterns of belief and behaviour. My hope is that with those changes will come a greater tolerance for difference, instead of it developing into conflict. 2010 will be an excellent time to sort out financial stumbling blocks and build new beginnings by using creative solutions. …
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