Psychic Development

This is where I’ll be chatting about things of a psychic or spiritual nature. Because I believe we must live our own lives in our own ways, I’ll include information about why it’s important to balance physical life with spiritual life. I’ll hopefully dispel some myths about psychic senses and bring some practicality to the understanding of what being psychic can mean. I’m deeply committed to showing how one can safely use their own psychic senses in a practical manner in everyday life.

7 Psychic Awareness Explained

How to Get the Best from a Reading Consultation

With the relatively recent changes in society bringing greater acceptance of psychic and spiritual matters, more people have allowed themselves to be curious and to investigate the area. This, in turn, has brought a proliferation of information in the form of books, cards, readers, expo’s and television and radio programmes, from both here in Australia and overseas, as well as a myriad of articles and opinions being both freely available and purchasable, on the internet. While this is positive in itself, it also leads to increased negativity. One of the reasons this happens is because for so long this subject has been taboo. When a subject is taboo the society condemns any form of discussion related to that topic, thus ensuring the general population has little or no knowledge of it. When a subject is no longer taboo and is freely available to the community at large, they are usually ill equipped to deal with the many and varied nuances, traps, dogmas, and pitfalls associated with that subject matter. This leaves the population vulnerable to believing that whatever information is presented in published format MUST be accurate, correct, and the truth of the matter. To a large extent this is what has happened in the psychic and spiritual areas. With the increased availability of information, comes the increased use of the subject as a platform to sell ones’ own idea of spirituality and how to contact the psychic, angelic, spirit or astral realms, or whatever, as the one and only true method of doing so….
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6 Psychic Awareness Explained

Psychometry – Reading the Energy of Objects

All things are comprised of energy moving at differing frequencies or vibrations, and it is this energy that a psychic or sensitive can pick up on, feel, or connect with, in a variety of ways and situations, as well as for many different purposes. When you travel in a crowded bus or train you might feel as crowded as the vehicle is even though no one is touching you. This is because you can sense the energy of the combined individuals pushing at your own energy field. It can be a bit of a nightmare for a psychic to travel on public transport, especially if they are not practised and efficient in using some level of protection, and remember to use it! The protection is needed to enable the sensitive to block out the intrusions of the energy fields of others, whether deliberate or otherwise. It’s a bit like eavesdropping, it’s bad manners to eavesdrop on someone elses conversation, and sometimes it really isn’t appropriate to overhear the pain and anguish another is going through in their mind. That’s one way energy makes itself felt….
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5 Psychic Awareness Explained

Intention, Vibration, Universal Flow and How it Works

There’s an excellent question to ask yourself before you request something from others. You’ll have heard the phrase, “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.” The following question will help you avoid some pitfalls surrounding using the Universal Flow to bring things to you. …
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4 Psychic Awareness Explained

Soul Mates

Many people these days feel the need to have a romantic partner in their lives in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied, often accepting whatever lands in their lap instead of experiencing many different people and types of relationships before choosing to settle down with one partner. With this need to have a loved romantic partner has arisen a need to be connected to one’s Soul Mate. There are some misconceptions with this idea. …
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3 Psychic Awareness Explained

The Role of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

There’s an abundance of information about spirit guides and guardian angels along with the implied requirement to have them in one’s life in order to be a spiritual person. This is simply untrue! Each of us has our own way of viewing the spiritual. It may be in a religious context, or one that encompasses the totality of life in a particular culture. We do not need to be a certain way in order to be spiritually connected, and those who say otherwise can be seen to be attempting to enforce their own belief system and agenda on others, usually for some personal gain. The terms guardian angel and spirit guides evoke certain religious iconography which I believe is quite misleading and even incorrect, however, I will continue to use those terms as they are the terms people are familiar with. …
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Aromamagic – Safe Place Oil

This is a delightful blend that helps reduce the tension brought on by that sense of unease, of something being ‘not quite right in the world’ so many of us feel but perhaps cannot identify.  Word of warning: avoid using while driving or operating machinery/ devices that require total attention. It’s very useful to use before sleep, perhaps as you’re reading before bed, or during whatever your nightly pre-sleeptime ritual might be. As always, use the purest essentials you can afford as they will provide the best results. …
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