Psychic Development

This is where I’ll be chatting about things of a psychic or spiritual nature. Because I believe we must live our own lives in our own ways, I’ll include information about why it’s important to balance physical life with spiritual life. I’ll hopefully dispel some myths about psychic senses and bring some practicality to the understanding of what being psychic can mean. I’m deeply committed to showing how one can safely use their own psychic senses in a practical manner in everyday life.

Releasing the Past

We often read, or are told, to “let go of the past”, or to “release old baggage”, to “get over it”, or “put it behind you” to move on with life. While there truly is significant advantage in releasing the past, you have to not only know how to do it, you actually have to do it for it to be effective. There are some very simple things we can do to help us let go of negative thinking, negative memories and the emotional patterning that goes with those negative experiences….
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Aromamagic – Study Oil

Aromamagic is what I call the combination of the more modern science of aromatherapy with the ancient practice of Herbal Magic. These blends can be used in an oil vaporiser or used with a carrier oil as a body perfume. The quality of the essential oils affect the outcome, so always use the purest form affordable. …
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Candle Magic

Candle magic is a very popular form of magic because it is one of the simplest and most effective forms of magic around.  There are no extended rituals required, no necessary devotions to particular deities; just you and a candle, and, of course, something to light it with.  Many people combine candle magic with other forms such as crystals, incense, aromatherapy and other media, but we’ll just focus on candles for now. …
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House Clearings

Because our population moves around so much, we are likely to find ourselves living in at least one house where, while we just don’t feel comfortable, we’re unable to move from and can’t work out how to change things. I’ve put together some reasons why living spaces can be energetically uncomfortable and provided a few helpful tips on what you can do to shift that negative energy and reclaim your personal space. …
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2 Psychic Awareness Explained

Introducing Intuition

In our day to day living we often forget to allow ourselves to connect with our inner sense of self or what can otherwise be called our Intuition. On the other hand, many people often refuse to allow themselves to acknowledge that they have a sense of Intuition. According to most English language dictionaries, Intuition is the opposite of rationalisation, however, I disagree. That explanation is implying something that isn’t precisely correct. The explanation of being rational means following reasons or acceptable explanations, while being intuitive means following a sense of direct perception of truths or facts independently of any reasoning process. There is no right or wrong in either, they are simply different, and it is much healthier and more rewarding to use a balance of both rational and intuitive thinking. …
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1 Psychic Awareness Explained

What is Psychic Awareness?

Although many of us do not realise it, may not believe it, or may not even want to believe it, everyone of us has some type of psychic ability. Some call it a ‘sixth sense’, ‘gut feelings’, ‘extra-sensory perception’; or it might be a sense of ‘knowingness’ that cannot be comfortably explained. Most of us have had an experience similar to the following: thinking about someone and that person contacts them in some way within a few days of them having come to mind; knowing who is on the other end of the phone before answering it; dreaming about an event some time before it occurs: each of these are examples of types of psychic ability. …
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