Simply Psychic

For ten years I wrote a Psychic Solutions column in a local newspaper. Recently, that paper closed and I took the opportunity to take a different path for myself. Here I will answer in similar fashion, questions posed by readers of Ryllandra’s Realm. I’ll choose whether to answer as a collective or as an individual question. Confidentiality will be maintained by changing any identifying information.

How can I find my soul mate?

This question has been asked thousands of times and I’m sure will be asked many thousands more. It’s the first in a new series of questions and answers I’ll be covering here. If you have a question, simply email me and I’ll do what I can, when I can to answer it. As I’ve been asked this so many times in multiple different ways, I’ll answer it as a collective rather than for each individual. I’m not sure if it’s fortunate, or unfortunate, but it is not possible to change the behaviour of others. However, it is possible to change your own behaviours, and when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s best to begin with having a good relationship with yourself. …
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