2011 Energetic Influences

2011 continues to shine a light into the hidden areas of society, bringing topics previously considered private and knowable only by lesser beings, into the public forum. Those who benefit from the status quo will fight tooth and nail to keep hold of what they consider their rights and, in the case of religious ideologies, even their duties, without having any concern for the consequences such actions might bring to unintended victims. Those whose plights have now been shown to the world, along with those who’ve now seen the difference one person can make on a global scale, will continue to fight to lessen the stranglehold the political superpowers have on global interactions. The greatest emphasis for 2011 will be on the equality of rights and control in the business and political worlds and the exposure of the corruption and imbalances that invalidate the rights of one entity to hold such levels of power. 2011 is a time to get involved in your life, be who you actually want to be instead of just allowing yourself to be lead toward someone else’s end goal. The changes we’ve seen in the news recently will continue to grow bigger because each side has now been brought out into the open, enabling more of a working relationship for the previous underdogs. The outcome, on a global scale, will largely depend on how the previous governmental superpowers handle their own egos. How the transition to this new way of life occurs is in the balance.

2011 won’t be all about the political though, each person really needs to truly get involved in their own lives and make a difference where it counts, that is, with themselves and their families and circle of friends. From there the ripples of goodwill and knowledge will have a greater effect, simply because people will be thinking more effectively rather than following blindly or being herded like sheep toward a goal that isn’t theirs.

It’s really quite exciting to be part of a society on the edge of such incredible social and technological movement. The trick will be to keep a forward momentum instead of getting caught up in fear and hype. Giving up and letting the ‘old guard’ win now would be a devastating loss after all humanity has experienced during these last few years.

If there’s something you’ve wanted to do, don’t just talk about it, do it.

Change requires perseverance, keep going, find a different way when things go awry.

Sometimes moving forward means letting go of what was, dreams change. Persist in moving forward.

Issues around money will be highlighted, those with negative experiences need to may their complaints heard if change is to be effected.

Don’t let others get away with stuff just because that’s how it’s always been done, if you disagree then complaint effectively so you are heard by the relevant bodies.

Stop putting things off, don’t wait for someone to help with your plans, make a start. Do it yourself, get someone in, whatever works. Small steps often will get it done.

Financial support comes from an unexpected source – keep it, it will be needed later in the year. Whatever is going on in your life budget, organise, prepare, don’t leave it to chance.

Take up a craft or skill that will reduce your expenditure and increase your general satisfaction with living.

Regarding investments of any sort – time, money, whatever – if in doubt, don’t. Keep your cards close to your chest or your ideas may be stolen from under you. Get every contractual agreement in writing.

Short cuts won’t achieve a positive outcome, the long road may be the best option if resources are not to be lost.

All sorts of issues around expectations of giving more than you are prepared to give arise. Monitor finances, get receipts, don’t give what you either don’t want to give or can’t afford to give.

Those who’ve accepted a less involved lifestyle fare better than those who must “keep up with the Joneses.” Keep it simple.