How Psychic Insights Work

Psychic Insight 1
Regardless of what any reader might tell you about the future, nothing is set in stone, all is changeable. What a reader sees are possibilities and these can always be changed in some way to obtain the best outcome. Forewarned is forearmed, different courses of action can be taken when one is aware of potentials.

Psychic Insight 2
Everyone has the ability to be psychic and most people have had experiences of intuition and precognitive dreams. If you’ve ever known who was on the other end of the phone before answering it, you’ve had an intuitive experience.

Psychic Insight 3
When death appears in dreams or in the cards it doesn’t need to mean someone is literally dying. It simply means change, time to move on from the old into new ways of being.

Psychic Insight 4
Living intuitively means living using our senses, using concepts other than believing in those things we can only see and touch. Living rationally means living by believing in only those things that we can rationalise or prove to be true by scientific means. Neither is purely right nor purely wrong, they are simply different ways of perceiving the world. A combination of both provides greater balance.