Phaemorea Rules Supplement

image Phaemores rules supplementPhaemorea Rules Supplement

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A 20 page bookmarked PDF containing suggested rules adaptations for the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopaedia (1991 ed.). The changes focus on updating classic D&D for the modern audience without sacrificing the very things that made OD&D great. The goal isn’t to rewrite an excellent system, but to tweak it with house rules adapted from years of play.

Phaemorea Rules Supplement includes new rules for General Skills, Healing and Energy Drain. Also included are the comprehensive rules for Adventurer Guilds and an in depth look at the role played by the Thieves’ Guild. There are class variants, such as the Ranger Fighter variant, the Jinx Thief variant and two different looks for the Mystic. There is also a wealth of other new information to help make Phaemorea feel like a new world.