Comforting Moments

Sometimes only a fried cheese sandwich will bring that comfort we crave!

Thinking of fried cheese sandwiches almost always brings to mind the scene from that must see movie, Benny and Joon, where Sam, played by a young Johnny Depp, uses the clothes iron to make Joon, played by¬†Mary Stuart Masterson, and himself a stack of fried cheese sandwiches. I so admired their adaptability, and an iron, as long as it’s not a steam iron, would work. It might be a bit messy and the bread might end up a bit flatish, but it would work.

There’s very little that can inspire me to want to join in activities with people, there’s reasons for that I might explain sometime, or I might not. What I’m trying to say is I take my moments of pleasure where I can, and often that is how I view food. We have to eat, and I consider what I eat might as well be yummy and somehow inspiring to me. For the longest time, food was something I had to consume to stay, well, alive. Then I met someone who introduced me to Japanese anime and I learned how important food can be to the amount of enjoyment one gets from these moments of eating.

In anime, and some other Japanese works, characters visibly enjoy their food, and the cooks and chefs delight in pleasing their guests with their creations. I learned to look forward to both eating good food and creating some new and delightful dishes to please myself.

With the help of a housemate, recipes have been revisited, tested and approved worthy of inclusion into our set of choices, or otherwise. The Fried Cheese Sandwich is one of those special inclusions.

Over in Easy Edibles, I’ve put the recipe for a Fried Cheese Sandwich done a particular way to enhance the flavours of all parts of the simple sandwich.

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