Doing a Thing Day by Day

One day follows the next and if I’m not mindful of how I spend my time, I can let the day pass away without having achieved any of the things I’ve thought about through the night and mentally listed for accomplishing when I wake up. Of course, sometimes I’ve totally forgotten what it was I thought I might be motivated and painfree enough to do by the time I do get up.

For ages I’ve been meaning to put pockets on my blouses and dresses, and this week I have managed to finally do that. I couldn’t find matching fabric to use, and even if there’d been some in stash, the shirts are well worn and faded, so the fabric still would not have been properly matching. Instead, I’ve made features of the pockets. I’ve freshly washed them all and pressed them for their portraits. I’m very pleased with the end results and they’ll be most useful as I go about my daily doings.

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