Easy Egg and Pasta Dish with left overs

This is a useful go-to for when you need some reasonably easy to prepare comfort food that’s still healthy. Add the things you like so it suits your tastes. Sometimes I like a chilli added, sometimes stress makes me too sensitive and I can’t deal with chilli. You get to decide, that’s what’s so nifty about this recipe. It’s also budget and left overs adaptable.

Eggcellent Pasta Stuff

200g Pasta – macaroni recommended but anything will do, even ramen
1 large onion or 2 small
2-3 full rashers of bacon (rind removed)
4 eggs
1 tablespoon butter, oil will work but maybe use less oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Optional extras
¼ red capsicum
1 red chilli
small can of corn – drained
handful of frozen peas
parsley to taste
Pretty much anything you have left over, like cut up hot dog sausages, baked beans, leftover roast meats – the age of the stuff you put in might influence how long you can keep any leftover Eggcellent Pasta though.

• Cook pasta to directions. Drain and set aside.
• Chop onions, bacon, capsicum, chilli. Finer is better
• Beat eggs as you would for a scrambled egg
• Fry all ingredients except egg and pasta in the butter until cooked through. Frypan mark 4-6
• Add in pasta and toss through till evenly mixed.
• Pour in egg and toss through until it’s all mixed well. Season.
• Turn down and cover (fry pan mark 2), stirring mixture and breaking it up every few minutes.
• When egg is cooked, it’s ready to serve.
Makes enough for about 3-4 generous serves. Tastes fine cold. Enjoyable with your choice of sauce eg BBQ or tomato. You can add other spices and herbs you like as well, such as Cayenne, Thyme etc.

Note: The egg should not be too dry, it should be cooked yet still a bit moist, as you’d do a scrambled egg. 

Here is a PDF for you. 

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