“Drifting Between Shadows” Short Story Collection

Release Date: 10 April 2019. A collection of short stories from the Other Side of Life.

Pre-Release orders available now.

“Constance … Little Connie “ A Guardian Angel tells of her experiences watching over her human charge from birth to old age. Laziness, misinformation and misunderstanding doesn’t happen only in the human realm, it happens on the Other Side too. Nothing is quite as it seems either here or in the Angelic realm.

“Life’s Rich Tapestry” tells how seriously the interference of a well meaning Spiritualist rescue worker impacts on the work the Angel of Death performs. Inaccurately interpreting aetheric vibrations can have serious consequences.

“The Lady in White” is a tale of one woman’s eventual understanding of her own self, her own power, when she had for too long believed she was powerless. Guidance can come in the most unexpected of ways.

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