Sushi at Home

One of my life’s only pleasures these days is good, tasty, made-from-scratch food. There’s not much commercially pre-prepared stuff that I can eat without it making me ill in some way, which is so very frustrating. Every shopping day involves reading labels to make sure some additive or other has not been snuck into a previously acceptable product. It’s not as simple as just a few additives I need to avoid, there’s the fruits and vegetables too. Damn you latex allergy, damn you! How I miss lettuce, tomato, sesame, and coconut! Not to be left out of enjoying the increasing number of dishes being crossed off my edible list, I experimented, tested, researched, and tweaked ingredients and methods, thereby teaching myself to make some pretty decent, even very tasty dishes.

To preserve my cooking experiments, I wrote up my recipes, roughly at first, on multiple pieces of scrap paper held together with a peg type clip. After losing a couple of favourites, I started writing them into a spiral bound note book to preserve them for future use. Rewriting a recipe when someone asked for a particular recipe became tedious, so I typed them up and stored them into a printable document to make it easier for me to share. Eventually I was convinced to compile a recipe book for some of the most shared items.

This is how my Sushi at Home recipe book came into being. It started out as both a Pickling and a Sushi recipe book, because I make quite a few simple pickles and use them in my sushi making, however, as not everyone wanted the pickling part of it, I have sectioned them into two booklets.

Here is an A5 sized PDF of my Sushi at Home recipe book.

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