Crocheting the Blues Away

The effort it takes to do some of those things you know you should, but just don’t have the where-with-all to do at any given moment, deserves recognition and reward, at least in my world it does! Dentistry is probably my greatest hurdle, and, having done the impossible a few months ago, a reward for carrying through was due. It took some weeks to mostly recover from the impact of those interactions, and I still have nightmares about the poor treatment by the first dentist, but I’m very proud of myself for having completed my project in the time I allotted to it and not reneging on the deal I made with myself.

Crochet is one of my happy places. Yarn, of course, is required for crocheting, and there’s all types of it! Looking at yarn is inspiring, as is looking at patterns and working out how to design myself something unique and wearable. About ten years ago I was most fortunate to make out like a bandit on overseas yarn sales, I think there was something geo-political going on, I can’t recall what it was though. Anyway, my yarn stash now is such that I have on hand almost anything I’m likely to work with, and in suitable quantities for the garments I design and wear.

Learning new techniques is another of my happy places, but, with my aversion to the outside world, travelling to a group function where I could learn new processes and techniques is impossible to enjoy. Finding affordable online courses can also be problematic. So I was completely delighted to discover that the Jenny King Get Squared group event that I’d been reading about, but could never in a million years attend, was available online.

It took me a couple of days to think about it, taking time to watch Jenny’s videos to assess her style of teaching, pattern writing methods and the content. Those things are very important to learning pretty much anything. I liked what I saw, and eventually managed to convince myself I was worth the expenditure, so went ahead and purchased my reward. Like pretty much everything new, it took a moment to get the hang of it and then off I was on another journey of creativity, all of which helps with pain management.

Choosing the yarn, deciding what shape the body is going to be, how long the garment will be, if there will be sleeves and how long and wide they will be, plus how the edges will be finished, are only some of the myriad decisions to be made when starting a new clothing item for myself. I seldom find that patterns fit the way I wear clothes, nor, without alteration, do they suit my aesthetic. So I found myself adapting the pattern very early on, which is what Jenny, the designer, suggests should be done with her process.

I enjoy creating my own designs and having the growing garment take me on a journey, opening new ideas for embellishment, stitch patterns and styling.